When can I enroll?

Enrollment begins in March and is ongoing throughout the summer based on program availability. We ask that you register as quickly as you can for planning purposes, but we do not turn anyone away at Camp Registration on Monday morning of each camp week.

What should I bring to Camp?

Campers should wear basketball attire (shorts, t-shirt, socks and sneakers) and bring a water bottle. Please apply sunscreen before camp and bring extra to re-apply. A basketball is not needed. We have plenty!

Campers in grades K-3 are encouraged to bring a snack (no peanut products please). Campers are welcome to bring money to purchase items from the Camp Store. Items for sale include Gatorade, apparel and snacks.

What happens when it rains?

Conditions dictate what the directors do; (i.e., we may remain outdoors if it is a light mist, or schedule the day to optimize our indoor facilities if the forecast is an entire day of showers).

Is lunch included?

Lunch can be purchased at an additional cost. We serve pizza on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and deli sandwiches on Tuesdays. See our  Registration page for details.

Is there water available?

Yes, multiple water stations are set up at camp. It is advised that all campers bring a water bottle as well.

What if it is really hot outside?

It is always anticipated to be seasonably warm during our summer camp. However, in the case of an unusually hot day, water breaks and time out of the sun are increased, as well as time in the gym.

Can parents visit?

Yes, parents are always welcome on campus. However, you must stop in at the Gym Office and receive a visitor’s pass.