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Safety Measures

Back to Basics follows all local and state guidance for day camps. We ran several successful camp sessions the last two summers--with no Covid cases linked to our program. You can trust that our program is a clean and safe environment for your children.

Back to Basics is committed to health and safety. The MOST IMPORTANT measure we can all take, both as campers and coaches, is to stay home if you don't feel well.


We following the below protocols to ensure a healthy environment:


The air-conditioning system was updated at Trinity Regional School last summer. UV light was placed in the system to sanitize the air. Exhaust fans were installed in the hallways to circulate air. 


​Camp equipment is cleaned & disinfected daily. Restrooms undergo a deep cleaning each night by custodians. 


A staff member wearing gloves will serve lunch to those who have signed up to buy. No sharing of food or beverages is allowed.

Other Camp Modifications & Guidelines

  • All coaches will encourage handwashing throughout the day and especially before lunch.

  • Coaches will dispense hand sanitizer at regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Time spent outdoors will be increased.

  • Fans will be used indoors to circulate air. 

  • Campers must bring their own water bottle(s) with their name clearly printed on it. Please provide enough water to last through the entire day at camp.

  • In case of rain and extremely hot weather, campers will spend more time indoors. Some parents may choose to keep their child home in case of rain, however no credit of camp tuition will be issued.

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